Polishing Powders, Slurries, Pads for Ophthalmic Application

LP Unalon is a unique micro-cellular foam elastomer designed for high precision polishing of precision optics, ophthalmic lenses, silicon wafers & other critical surface requiring high accuracy

Polishing Compounds
Universal's comprehensive line of polishing compounds include Rhodite cerium oxides, zirconium oxide, aluminas, rouge, chorme oxide, diamond powders & others. Included are our custom manufactured Rhodes & Hastilite materials. Custom polishing agents can be formulated for specific polishing Application

Glass Polisher
Different lens types require different polishing conditions. Glass, the most precise and stable optic material, presents its own unique set of properties. Scratching, baume loss, polish life, foaming and settling are concerns that need to be addressed during processing.

Processing material
Universal and Rhodes have designed a wide range of Coolants, Chemicals, Coatings & Adhesives to meet production requirements while responsibly addressing ever-important environmental issues.