Engineering Data Questionnaire

To recommend a suitable Lapping / Polishing / Flat Honing Machine
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Pre Operation Drawing No :
Post Operation Drawing No :
Material :
Hardness :
Hardness Depth if Case Hardened:
Weight of The Individual Part:
Present Lapping/ Polishing/ FH Method:
Prior Operation :
Production Qty / Shift :
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  Part I Part II Part III
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3. Tolerances:
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  Before After Before After Before After
Thickness :
Parallelism :
Flatness :
Surface Finish :
(If above information is not available, you may enclose the sample piece you would like to match the results)
Please tick required Consumable from below list.
  Boron Carbide Diamond Powder Polishing Compounds
  Silicon Carbide Diamond Paste Polishing Pads
  Aluminium Oxide Die Polishing Paste Cerium Oxide
  Optical Emery Lapping Paste Cerium Pads
  Lapping Oil Valve Grinding Paste Soft Grinding Stones
  Workholding Carriers Hand / Machine Lapping Plates Abrasive Papers
  Felt Pads Conditioning Rings Anti-Rust Agent
  Polish Flat Diamond Pelleted Plate CBN Pelleted Plate
Please tick required Measuring Equipment from below list.
  Monochromatic Checklite Straight Edge Span Guage Filler Guage
Optical Flat
  Single Side Double Side        
  30mm 50mm 75mm 100mm
  125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm
  λ4 λ6 λ10    
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