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SPEEDFAM Single side lapping / polishing Machines are versatile precision machines designed to produce lapping / polishing flat surfaces in high degree of flatness of and surface finish with absolute uniformity on all types of hard and soft materials.Best to suit high degree of Flatness & Surface Finish. Typical Application areas are Sub Pump Parts, Diamond SCAIFES, Pump Parts, Mechanical Seals & many more......

Various models for Single Side Lapping Machines and Single Side Polishing Machines are available

Working Principle

  • lapping / polishing plates revolves at low RPM.
  • The conditioning rings located in position on the machine plate also rotate freely.
  • The work pieces are kept freely inside conditioning rings with the surface to be lapped mating the Lap Plate.
  • The sharp abrasive particles which are continuously fed on the machine plate get impregnated in the Lap plate and cut the material from the surface of the work piece and creates replica of the plates flatness on to the same.


Metals Ceramic
   Valve bodies    Water Pump Seals
   Automobile parts    Chemical Seals
   Valve wedges    Facets
   Seal rings  
   Tools & Die parts Watch Parts
   Mechanical seals    Watch dials
   Sewing machines parts    Movements & hands
     Sapphire glass
Electrical & Electronics  
   Ferrite cores Carbon
   'E','U' cores    Carbon seals
   Switchgear    Submersible pump bearings
   Rectifiers & Diodes