Table Top Sweeper Arm Machines

Table top sweeper arm machine armpositioned to process one Seal at a time to a very high degree of Flatness & Surface Finish. The Specially Graded Lap Plate with re-circulating Slurry and Sweeper Arm swiveling at tandom achieves efficient cutting properties during the Lapping Process while attaining high degree of flatness & surface finish. Lapping Machine can be conveniently converted to Polishing Machine for polishing operation on the same machine. Typical applications for this machine are mechanical seals etc

SSM 300/4 RA
 Machine Type Single Side Lapping
 Max Seal Diameter 100mm
 Plate Rotation Speed - Standard Type 82 rpm
 Main Motor 0.5 HP
 Reciprocating Arm Motor 0.25 HP
 Machine Dimensions 650 x 460 x 525
 Machine Weight 105 kgs