Consumable » Lapping Oil

SPEEDFAM - Lapping Oil is an important element of lapping process. its inherent suspension property facilitates to bring the fresh cutting edges on the lapping plate consistently. It assists the cutting function of abrasive grains and enhances the machinability. It forms the film on the lap plate holding abrasive in intact form during the lapping process as well. Lapping Oil is odorless, non toxic, non hazardous and harmless to the normal skin.

Technical Specification:

 Flash Point above 80°c
 Solidification Point 2°c
 Initial Boiling Point >130°c
 Density at 15°c 0.83 ~ 0.86gms/cm3


Applications :Lapping, Polishing & Honing

Packing :20 ltrs Can, 210 ltrs Drum