Consumable » Valve Grinding Paste

SPEEDFAM - Valve Grinding Pastes are developed for lapping on Valve Components. These pastes are made up of abrasive particles which are Blocky in shape. All the abrasive particals' size distribution is kept in close range to each other which ensures good & consistent stock removal and ensures surface finish values. Valve Grinding paste form ensures that abrasive particles are retained consistently which facilitates to reduce its consumption to a great extent. Valve Grinding pastes are available in Coarse, Medium & Fine grades.

Technical Specification:

 Flash Point above 80°c
 Solidification Point 2°c
 Initial Boiling Point >130°c
 Density at 15°c 0.83 ~ 0.86gms/cm3


Applications :Valve Wedge, Seat Rings etc.8

Pack Size :Minimum of 12 packs of 400 grams each.